Healthy Living Tips and Information

Aug 08, 2023

7 free ways to build your healthy aging knowledge

It’s never too late to take steps to improve your health. Little things can make a big difference. But how do you know what steps to take? Making it a habit to learn about healthy aging is a great way to stay informed and pick up tips and ideas to incorporate into your life. Thankfully there are many free sources of credible info. Here are some to check out.

Free and credible Canadian information sources to support healthy aging

It’s never been easier to find information about healthy aging and to stay current on the latest research. But, with the abundance of information, it can also be overwhelming. Here are seven credible sources to check out.

Healthy Ageing 101 education series

The Healthy Ageing and Geriatrics Program at Sinai Health/UHN hosts a monthly education series that’s free and open to anyone. A new healthy aging topic is discussed each month. The sessions include a presentation by an expert and a 30-minute q&a that you can join in on.

Register for upcoming sessions on their website. You can also view past sessions.

Women’s Age Lab

The Women’s Age Lab at Women’s College Hospital is the first research lab dedicated to research and advocacy focused on older women. The lab was founded in 2021 by Dr. Paula Rochon, the RTOERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine. If you’re interested in healthy aging and specifically work to support the needs of older women, be sure to join their mailing list.

RTOERO Foundation webinar series

The RTOERO Foundation is a Canadian charity that invests in research and initiatives promoting healthy, active aging. As part of our work, we host a regular webinar series for our donors and other guests. Our webinars focus on knowledge mobilization—to provide practical advice and information based on current evidence. Past webinars are available on our website.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to hear about upcoming sessions.

RTOERO publications

RTOERO provides healthy aging tips and information through its many publications, including Liaison newsletter and Renaissance magazine. You can also access articles on healthy living through the website’s resource section. If you’ve worked for at least five years in the education community in Canada, you can join RTOERO as a member.

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal (English only)

The Optimal Aging Portal hosted by McMaster University provides easy access to evidence-based information on health and social conditions to help you stay healthy, active and engaged as you grow older. You can explore by topic and subscribe to their emails to receive the latest news in your inbox. They also host webinars.


Age-Well is a network of universities and research centres across Canada. Together, they’re working to help older Canadians maintain their independence, health and quality of life through technologies and services that increase their safety and security, support independent living, and enhance social participation. Age-Well hosts webinars, produces research reports and position papers, and offers a newsletter with research highlights and other news.


ParticipACTION is a national non-profit organization that inspires and supports Canadians to make physical activity a vital part of their everyday life. They offer a blog with general articles on the value of movement. They also offer movement guidelines for adults age 65+.

Healthy aging is a continuous process and can be supported by ongoing learning. Beyond learning about how to care for yourself and your loved ones, you can take action to support research and programs aimed at societal change. The RTOERO Foundation can help. When you support our foundation, you are helping to foster respect, self-determination, better health care and social connection for older adults in Canada. Please donate today.