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Together with our members and partners, we advocate for critical policy improvements to address urgent needs now and create a more secure and compassionate future for everyone.

We are speaking to all levels of government about three key issues.

Seniors Strategy

Seniors are Canada’s fastest growing demographic. Gaps in our healthcare and social policies are creating barriers — to seniors’ independence, and to their essential role in vibrant, healthy communities and economies.

Geriatric Healthcare

Canada’s population is aging. In 2012, almost one in seven Canadians was a senior. Now the number is more than one in six. By 2030, that will jump to nearly one in four. Our health care system (and social systems) needs to re-think how to address the rising needs of this huge demographic.

Environmental Stewardship

Responsible use of resources, conservation, protecting our air, land and water — improving in all areas is critical to a sustainable future.

Our aging population affects all of us.
Our aging population affects all of us.

Adults over 65  are the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s population. With that demographic shift, comes new challenges. […]

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